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Monday, July 31st, 2006

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Husky Facts
The Asian Chukchi people of the extreme northeastern part of Siberia first domesticated husky dogs from wolves and used them as working dogs to help them survive.

The hearty dogs pulled sleds, herded reindeer and guarded property in a challenging, frigid environment.

Their amazing stamina captured the attention of passing fur traders, who eventually used the dog's enegry to haul goods around other parts of the world.

The quick, small dogs were eager workers that surprised their owners with their ample supplies of energy.

The Chukchi dog's most important trait was its instinct and desire to run, seemingly endlessly. Because of its moderate size, it was able to run far and fast on little food.

Bred for endurance, huskies are very active dogs who are always eager to run and play, either alone or in groups.

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